Sing Harmonies Android 1.1

Crashes: new Android devices appear frequently, and the Android version of the app works well on some, but not all of them. If the app doesn't work on your device it may crash or freeze--if so please get a refund from Google Play. It would help us immensely if you would also contact us with send the name and OS of your device--then we can exclude that model from future sales, and have our tech team look at that device when we update. Thanks so much for your assistance as we try to improve the Android version of the app.

Stutter-start issue:

On some devices when you tap "play" the song will play for one second, stop, then start again and play normally. After that the song should play normally. This stutter-start may also happen when you switch to another song.

IAP downloading problems:

If you purchase an IAP song and it won’t play please download it again by tapping the price icon in the Song Store. When the system tells you you’ve already downloaded the song and asks if you want to download it again tap “yes”. You won’t be charged for additional downloads of already purchased IAP songs. Please contact us if you still experience difficulty.

If you're having any other problem with the app please write us and tell us the device and android operating system you’re using

Sing Harmonies iOS 3.5

July 2017: "One Love" is back in the Song Store. if you purchased it previously tap "restore purchases" in the Song Store to download it for free. You can also tap ".99" next to "One Love", you should then receive a message stating "You have already purchased this song, do you want to download it again for free?" Tap "yes" and the song will download. If you receive a different message or are unable to restore it please contact us.

June 23rd 2017:  From June 21-23 2017 several users did not receive their song after a completed IAP purchase. We investigated this problem and it appeared to be a temporary malfunction on Apple's end of the process. Songs are downloading normally now. If you didn't receive a purchased song during that time please tap "restore" in the Song Store, or contact us.

March 2017: The 3.1 update is a complete rebuild of the app that fixes  problems some users were having with not being able to see songs in the Song Store, or not being able to restore already purchased songs. If you are having either of these problems please make sure that you have updated to 3.1. The update optimizes the app for iOS 10, but the app should still work with iOS 7 and later. The app is optimized for iPhone 7 and also works with iPad and iPod Touch. It may not work with iPhone 4 or earlier, or other older devices.

Restoring Already Purchased Songs

If you are unable to restore your song purchases after updating to version 3.5 please do this:

1] Restart your device.
2] In the Song Store tap 'restore purchases'.
You should receive a message saying "Restore purchase complete", then your songs will need to download--this can take awhile.

 If for some reason the above method doesn't work you can try this instead:
3] "Purchase" your previously purchased songs--you won't be charged for this. Tap the .99 next to the song and follow the prompts. After you confirm the purchase you should get a message stating that you've already purchased the song and asking if you would like to download this song again for free. Tap that and your song will download. 

If your problem continues please write us and include the device and iOS you're using.

No Sound

   Please update to Sing Harmonies 3.5:

    We learned from user feedback that when using the 3.0 update users couldn't hear sound through their device speakers if the device was in silent mode. Later updates fixes that problem.

    When you update the app you'll need to restore any IAP songs you've already purchased to your library. Read above for how to do that.